Monday, August 29, 2016

The 3 Day Fast - Day Three

OK, so today is Day 3, weight 219, so down 9 lbs since Monday morning. Feeling kind of crappy with a mild headache. Mind was moving in slow-mo last night and I struggled a couple of times to find the right words, which was a little frustrating. Overall though I don't feel to bad.

My ride last night was slow but I had no plans of pacing so not that big of a deal. It was 95 degrees out and humidity was maxed out which made it a bit tougher. I opted to ride a new route since I knew there a chance I might want to stop a couple of times along the way. The first 6 miles was basically flat but the second 6 included 3 long climbs including one that was just over a mile long. It was tough in the heat and no tree cover to shade me from the sun. The good thing was that I was of the only ones dumb enough to be out so I think I only passed 4 or 5 people along the route. I am glad I did not go to the other park which would have been busy with traffic and people as it always is no matter the weather.

Last night I had some major hunger pains around 7:30, roughly an hour after returning from my ride. Lasted longer than I would have hoped at 9:30 or so. Ended up getting a bit of my second wind around then and could not sleep. Went to bed hoping to just end the day but ended up being awake until just past midnight.

This morning, I drove my daughter to her carpool and she wanted a hash brown and drink from McDonald's. No issues there, never been high on fast food anyway so not to hard to pass on the breakfast. However, our Office Manager just showed up with donuts, ughh. I don't really have a sweet tooth but I love me some donuts. Finished my work up front and hustled back to my office where I will likely hide for the remainder of the day.

So here we go into day 3, I have a feeling this may be the toughest as I am switching over to ketones for fuel. My body is not used to it yet and tonight's planned run may be my worst yet. Don't plan to push at all, just need to be outside and will likely go on a trail run as I enjoy running through the woods much more than on pavement. Plus the soft turf is much easier on my joints, improves ankle flexibility and strengthens my small fast twitch muscles in my feet.

Last thing, my tire developed "multiple" sidewall holes from a trip to a pretty technical mountain biking trail. Tried to fix it but went flat again almost right away. Ordered a new one on Sunday and should have it in the mail tomorrow! Woo Hoo!!! Also ordered a couple of other upgrades that I am hoping helps with the fit on the bike a bit by reducing my reach to the bars.

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