Monday, October 4, 2010

Ultra Marathon Plan

I have found my “A” Race for the Winter of 2011. Louisville’s own Lovin’ The Hills! It’s a 50K Ultra Marathon that winds through Jefferson Memorial Forest in Mid Feb. (date not set). Looking at an elevation chart that was posted online from a previous year it has roughly 14K feet of elevation change which I am honestly not even sure how to tackle at this point.

My current plan is to train as if I were running a Marathon and include lots of hill repeats and trail runs. In addition some light weight large rep/set leg strength exercises at least 1 time per week. Mostly I plan to “wing” it, because honestly where is the fun in having a detailed plan with no deviation. If you know me at all you know that I am not a Type A person so I built a plan as a guide and I have to meet the goals each week but things may change or come up during my training that keep me from doing it exactly as written.

I am on Week 2 now which is as follows…

Mon: 5 Mile Fartlek
Tues: 3 Mile Easy
Wed: 5 Mile Trail
Thur: 3 Mile Easy
Friday: Rest
Sat: 9 Mile Trail
Sunday: Off

Total: 25 Miles

I will likely mix in some swimming, cycling and other fun activities in there including doubling up on my weekday runs. Based on previous years results I am thinking that my finish should be around 6.5 to 7.5 hours. A trail race such as this with so many hill climbs and descents along with stream crossings and the possibility of inclement weather will require training to be on my feet as much as covering the distance.

With that in mind I will try to spend more time standing and walking during the training including at home avoiding the couch when I can. Difficult to do at work because of the type of job I have but I think I can make up for it partially by just staying on my feet at home.

If you would like to see my Official Plan you can follow the link below. Please feel free to comment as well since I admittedly know nothing of what I am getting myself into. 

I will welcome sponsers if you are so inclined...:)