Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Less than 2 weeks to go for Iron Man Muncie!!!

I am exicted about my upcoming race but a little nervous about how the run is going to go. My Calf has limited my running so much the last 4 months that I think it's going to be a tough outing.

Practiced pacing tonight, still find it difficult to keep a pace of 10 minute miles when my legs are trying to spin up at 9 minute miles. I have a feeling the pace will not be a problem after swimming a 1.2 miles and cycling 56. Plan for now is to force myself into a slower pace and then see what's left at the turnaround and adjust.

Training for this race has been fun but I am finding going long is much more stressful than shorter races. This one requires much more discipline and sticking to the training plan.

Also time to tighten down the clamps on carbs over the next couple of weeks. Should be fun to prove to some of the naysayers that you can train and go long on diet consisting of whole foods that are not made of or include grains.