Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final Push - Weds June 16th Check In

Seems I am getting back into Ketosis. Energy was improving some today but really fell flat on my run. At roughly the 3.5 mile mark I just had no gas in the tank to keep going. Walked for about 1-2 minutes then picked it up again. It was pretty warm out and the sun was beating me up pretty good. Could have been a hydration issue rather than nutrition but I just felt weak overall which is not typical. Finished up the last 1.5 miles and then walked it out to cool down. Added my typical strength stuff to the end to cap it off and then on to the shower.

On a side not…strong ammonia smell in my sweat which means I am burning protein for fuel again. A good sign that the liver is doing it’s job and burning some protein to create glucose.

Planning a short run tonight followed up with a Triathlon group training class held at Core Studio’s. Hopefully energy returns prior because this class has left me feeling pretty miserable in the past.

Weight: 177

Breakfast: Did not partake again…I am seeing a trend

Lunch: Pulled Pork – again, Mixed Green Salad w/ 1 slice bacon chopped, sliced almonds, shredded swiss

Snack: Strawberry Carbmaster Yogurt

Dinner: Bacon/Swiss stuffed chicken breast (4 oz), Green Beans

Snack: 1 oz peanuts

Run: 5.5 Miles
Strength: Dips, Pushups, Core

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