Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Push - Monday 6-21 Check-In

Hope all of you other Fathers had a great weekend and spent some time with your family. With 2 kids I am still learning as I go and it does not seem to get easier as they get older. It’s a good thing I had such a good Dad to teach me the basics. Although I don’t always follow right in his footsteps I strive to and perhaps one day I will figure it all out.

Went to the lake on Friday night and had a pretty good time. Ate too many peanuts as usual and sipped a couple of beers around the camp fire Saturday. All-in-all a great trip and had lots of fun. Thanks Bro and Sis for the invite and we will surely come back anytime you will have us. I was pretty excited to try wakeboarding for the first time. Turns out all I did was boat dragging. Could not figure out the timing on turning the nose of the board up to get me out of the water. Still fun though and I there was no doubt that I was properly hydrated after several attempts.

I was also a little disappointed that I did not bring my goggles to the lake for some open water swimming practice. Woke up this morning in serious pain in my thigh and head from the board hitting me as I fell. Opted to stay home for the first part of the day from work to heal up a bit. However, my head still feels like it’s in a vice and I am more or less planning to just try and get through the day.

My Nephew comes in this week and I am planning to work both him and my Son out. They are both planning to try out for sports in their Freshman year of High School and practice starts soon. Figured this might help them get a leg up. Plus I will do the workout right along with them so I kill two birds with one stone.

Weight: 176

Diet -- Did not log it all but it came down to lots of chicken some greens and snacking on some peanuts.

That’s all for now.

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