Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Push - Thursday June 17th Check In

Phew, day 4 down and I think I have fully made the switch back to Ketosis. Energy levels were higher for most of the day and no headache. Had planned to attend a triathlon class last night but decided I would rather hang with the family. Had a good time at dinner with them and they were nice enough to go to the bike shop to swap out a seat. I am still trying to find one that is somewhat comfortable and keeps the blood flowing to all of my extremities.

Spoke to a guy at the Trail Store that has done several triathlons including Iron Man and he recommended the Selle saddle. The model escapes me right now but I mounted it last night and went for a short ride to test it out. Stopped a few times and ran speeds all over the map trying to get a feel for it. First impressions are pretty good. Will be curious to see how it does on rides exceeding 30-40 miles. Thanks to the Trail Store in Lyndon though for helping me out and love the loaner saddle program they have.

Weight: 175

Breakfast: Skipped

Snack: Strawberry Carbmaster Yogurt

Lunch: Mixed Green Salad w/Ranch, 6 oz grilled chicken

Dinner: Mixed Green Taco Salad, way to much cheese, sour cream, guacamole and what looked like around 6 oz of ground beef. The downside to eating out is that in the end you really just do not know. I always skip the shell and beans in taco salads and since this is a small family restaurant I would not expect they would have to many additives though. I know one thing, I was full when I got done.

Snack: My nemisis – shelled peanuts. Started in on these dumb things and ended up eating probably 3 oz of peanuts eating blindly while watching game. BTW…Celtics had that game and choked it away in the 4th. It was pretty clear they missed Perkins.

Activities: 45 Minute Bike Ride with a couple of stops to adjust seat. Road my 5.5 mile running loop twice so 11 miles.

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Pauline aka tada! said...

WTG Brian!! yah those peanuts are demon food, I tell you. Congratulations on the 2 pounds down and the ketosis!!! I'd have joined your lcf challenge -- but with only 3 pounds to get off, I need to take it slow and easy.

I hope you find the right saddle!! I think that would be my biggest deterrant for doing a triathlon ... butt pain and numb bits! lol!


Pauline (aka Tada!)