Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keeping a watchful eye

So now that I am at goal, what's the first thing I do? I take my eye off the ball only for a moment and calorie/carb creep try to get a foothold. Logged my diet from yesterday and found I was at 2300+ calories for the day! AHHH! That's about 500 over my budget and that's assuming that I am still exercising which I haven't been since my race 2 weekends ago.

Foot is still hurting and I more or less took last week off to recover. I have to be careful not to let this build into a full on slide so back to the grind and the gym. I will focus on swimming, cycling and strength training until I can get my foot feeling better. If you find me repeating this it’s probably because I am trying to make sure I get my ass in gear and do it. Some level of accountability is a good motivator, even if knowing I am only accountable to myself.

Regarding diet I just need to get focused again. Probably the worst time to not focus on diet is during downtime. I cannot let this happen so I will be logging all of my food in Fitday for a while until I get my head straight again. Kind of a pain in the butt but I can’t sweep it under the rug if I am forcing myself to enter every morsel of food or drink that enters my body right down to how many packets of splenda I used for my morning coffee.

BTW…if you have never used Fitday, it’s a great online tool for tracking your diet, exercise, weight, etc. The best part is it’s free. I don’t use it all of the time but find it useful mostly for when I am trying to fix something or get myself back on track after a slip. Like I said before it’s difficult to ignore if you are being honest when you enter your data.

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