Monday, October 12, 2009

Induction Beginning Date: 3/6/2008
Starting Weight: 285
Current Weight: 176
Goal Weight: 175

Drum roll please........................

Down 5 lbs!!! 1 lb to goal! WOO HOO!!!

I think I just purged off all of the bad choices from the weekend before last and now I am back on track. Phew. Feeling good today and doing my happy dance.

I did set a new goal of 165 by Christmas. I know that I have a little more to lose but being unsure how much I did a little homework, thanks Google, and calculated my body fat %. At 176 I am roughly 18.5% (+/- 3) with a goal of 165 that would put me at about 14-15%.

I am hoping that dropping these last 10 or 12 pounds will help me with my running. I know it's not helping with my swimming as my legs are beginning to sink more and I find myself doing flutter kicks between beats. May have to research that a bit to figure out if I should just switch to a 6 or 8 beat flutter kick to keep my legs from dropping to much.

Speaking of running. My knee is feeling better today but I am taking tonight off from workouts. Maybe I need to rest a day and let some healing take place. Likely will do a short run on Tuesday and Thursday then take Fri/Sat off to rest up for my HM on Sunday.

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