Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Induction Beginning Date: 3/6/2008
Starting Weight: 285
Current Weight: 177
Goal Weight: 175

While I hit goal of 175 on Saturday I have since put on another 2 lbs. I am thinking this is a result of the swelling in the thighs, glute, hip and foot. I know I pigged out a little after the race but not 2 lbs worth.

Sad that my racing season is more or less over. I am looking for a couple of shorter races to run over the next couple of months. Plan to work on my core strength this winter and swimming. Need to work hard to build my cycling base up but will be difficult to do in a spinning class.

To paraphrase a friends analogy, this Triathlon thing is like having Triplets. I can make running happy but then swimming starts to cry. Work on my swimming and suddenly cycling is screaming for attention. Then there is the 4th child, strength, sitting in the corner with nobody to play with. I butchered it a bit but you get the idea.

As difficult as it is to find the right balance trying to make sure that Family and work come first just convolutes it even more. Amy has been so great at understanding my learning curve and being supportive. We are trying to experiment with different times and workout schedules so that we are all happy.

Speaking of Amy, she fainted yesterday while getting ready for work. Not sure what happened yet and she is scheduled to go get a CT Scan, EEG and get a wearable EKG to monitor for irregularities. Doctor thinks it could be something simple like low-blood sugar but want's to do some test to be sure. This is the second time this has happened to her, with the other happening right around this same time last year. I am hoping and praying it's nothing and she just needs to be sure not to skip meals, etc.

Tyler went to the gym with me last week and is excited about learning how to exercise and lift weights. Said he want's to have a 6-Pack and I have been telling him that if you want one you have to go earn it. I guess it's finally set in and he is wanting to spend some time in the gym. So proud of that boy, he is really growing up and turning into quite the young man. As a parent it's difficult to look past the kid you have been raising for the past 13 years and see that while the kid is still there he is growing up.

Well that's it for today.

On On...

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