Friday, October 9, 2009

Back on track after a terrible weekend of excess. Decided on Monday to get back to basics and I have been tracking all of my meals to make sure I stay on plan. Feel much better already both physically and emotionally.

Headed out last night to go for my run at the park but the ominous sky made me rethink it. Big storm came in so I turned and headed for home. Cooked dinner for Amy and the kids and then headed off to the Gym for a spell on the treadmill. Decided that since I was doomed to run on this dreadful device I would do some speed/incline intervals to at least help pass the time. Finished up with a swim which I have been neglecting lately and could tell immediately upon entering the pool. Hands began to cramp and shoulders were already aching at 800 meters. Stopped for a break to clear my goggles and decided to finish with a 400 meter speed drill to see how much I have dropped off. As I figured I am still slow but I have not lost much finishing at 7:15. A couple of laps nice and slow to cool down and a quick shower and heading home.

Watched The Office last night and it was better than I expected. I was really starting to think that the producers felt this show had run it’s course and this would be the episode were they “Jump the shark” ala Fonzie.


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