Monday, March 1, 2010

First Race Week of 2010 is finally here.

So after a lazy January and sickly February it’s time to get serious again. My weight has hovered around the 175 mark +/- 3 lbs since last November and I was really hoping to have dropped another 10 by now to make me faster. I am excited about the season starting up again. However, disappointed in how crappy my training has gone to date. I will take the blame for Jan but whine a bit about Feb.

To get started I had my longest run of the year last night at 10 miles and it was brutal. It was misting sleet the wind was kicking up strong gust and it was cold at about 27 degrees when I left. Not really what I had in mind when I set out for this run. This was also my first longer run off a treadmill in a while and I had forgotten how much harder it is to run on the road. Anyway, that run is behind me now and while I am little sore I am managing.

I was so proud of myself this AM for getting up early to get my swim in prior to work. That was cut short when the fire alarm sounded about 500 meters in to a planned 3000 Meter swim. Everyone was told to exit the building immediately but there was no way I was going out there in my wet jammers. So I decided I would take my time and go ahead and dress for work calling it a day. My daughter has been wanting to swim for the last couple of days so we will go together tonight.

First race of the season is coming up this weekend and I am completely un-prepared. While it’s only a 5K I was really hoping to start out the year finishing around 7.5 – 8 minute miles on this run but I don’t see how this is very likely. Since I have never run this distance in a race I am not really sure what strategy to take. My Brother suggests the distance is short enough that you should just run until you feel like you need to puke then push a little harder. If you crap out late in the race you can still probably slow down and push through it. If you save some for the end you likely did not finish as fast as you could have. Seems like logical advice so that is my plan for now to puke right on the finish, not a moment sooner or later.

On On!

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