Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Jalapeno Havarti Burger Salad

6 ounce 90/10 Ground Beef

1 (28 grams) ounce Havarti Cheese

15 grams True Made No Sugar Ketchup

15 grams Mayonnaise

2 Cups Spring Mix

Jalapenos (As many as you wish)


This is an easy one.  Weigh your ingredients, if you are new to this pick up a scale of some sort.  I like the Taylor scale in the photo.  I can rest my bowl on top and just keep resetting as each ingredient is added.  Also, most labels have serving sizes in Grams as well as Tablespoons, Teaspoons, etc.  So much easier to just set the scale to grams and start adding stuff and much more accurate.

Brown the burger to your liking, I am a medium kind of beef eater, while the burger is cooking measure out the 1oz (28grams) of Havarti Cheese (substitute is OK).  Melt the Cheese on the burger and add 2 cups of Spring Mix to your Bowl and place it on the scale. 

Change the scale to grams and add the burger when it's done to the top of the salad.  Reset the scale to Zero and while it's on grams begin adding Mayo.  Reset the scale again and add the Ketchup.  Put however many jalapenos you want on top and enjoy.

Nutrition (May vary based on egg size, mayo brand, etc)
  • 634 Calories
  • 8g Carbs 
  • 2g Fiber
  • 57g Protein
  • 41g Fat

If you made this meal, let me know what you think and if you altered it I would like to hear that part as well.  Follow me here and/or on Instagram to see more similar post and recipes.  Instagram:  @theurbanprimate

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