Friday, July 7, 2017

Induction Day 2

Induction Beginning Date: 7/6/2017 
Starting Weight: 229.8
Current Weight: 226.0
Goal Weight: 175 

Day one pretty uneventful, happy to see 3.8 pounds down this morning.  Obviously that is a bit misleading as we went to Hooters the night before I started late and had several beers and a bunch of wings and fries.  So I more or less expected a big difference this morning.  Urine was pretty foul smelling this morning which leads me to believe that the Ketones are being produced by my good ol' liver, thanks buddy.  Some restless leg issues kept me awake a good portion of the night last night, dragging a bit today and have a low grade headache.

Skipped breakfast, still full from over indulgence the night before. Lunch a frozen chicken breast with a slice of cheese and bacon on top.  I decided to do this yesterday in the morning so I had not yet been to the store to buy the food necessary to support it.  Dinner was roasted chicken and a load of green beans.  

Wanted to ride my Mountain bike last night but rain ruined that so Amy and I went to spin class at the YMCA.  Like this instructor and glad Amy was with me to provide a bit of motivation.  Finished with a nice puddle under my bike and my wattage output over the entire class was 147 average.  Need to get that up above 200 but I have to start somewhere.  It was below 100 not that long ago so I see it as progress.  I don't know how true this statement is but I have heard that you should be able to maintain wattage equal to or above your weight for an hour long class.

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