Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Warding Off the Holiday Excess with a Pre-Holiday Bitch, Moan and Complain Session.

I have spent almost a full 2 years honing my choices and trying to find just the right combination of diet and exercise to lose weight. In addition I have been looking towards the future to make sure that my choices now are something I can maintain for a lifetime. While I am happy that I think I have finally found the right balance and can say that I am happy with where I am at I still find myself feeling whiny and bitchy about my predicament at times.

In order to head off the Holiday’s typically filled with excess I need to vent about not what I am thankful for but what I am not.

So here it goes, I am NOT Thankful…

that it took until I was 40 years old to figure out that I was a lazy fat ass!

that I am slow and un-athletic.

that my choices in the past have dictated a future of sugar free living.

that I spent 20 years smoking.

that I was so tired all of the time from poor health that I missed opportunities to play with my kids when they were younger.

that I have a short fuse at times.

that I am sometimes selfish.

that I am still nervous riding the bike on busy roads.

that my body type is “sparkplug”.

that I will never again eat Mac-N-Cheese!

that I have to ask people to tell me what’s on the menu prior to them hosting a meal or party. It makes me feel needy and seems to put the host in an awkward position.

So there it is, my first annual whiny bitch session.

Having put this out there, I want to also say that I am thankful for so many things it would be hard to post them all. Hmm, perhaps I will post what I am Thankful for as part of New Years reminder of all of the good things I have been given. For now I will resist this urge to include those things because I need to stick with the general theme of this post for now.

Phew, now that that is out of the way on to the Festivities! Feel free to post comments on what your not Thankful for as well. I would love to hear it, plus it's theraputic, like visiting a confessional.

Happy Holidays!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice List, I am sure there are many more who would never admit to having gripes at this time of the Year, but I say, Let em fly!

Nice post!