Friday, October 18, 2013

Mount Rogers Backpacking Trip

Mount Rogers

A little late to post but its been a busy week. I had a 3 day backpacking trip planned and went off plan a bit by eating Ramen(sp) Noodles for 2 meals. Not the best choice but they were delicious mixed with some bagged chicken and beef on a cold rainy day at evening camp.

Legs are a little tight and feet a bit sore as I did not anticipate how rocky the terrain would be on this trip. It certainly made for a slow going hike to each of the days planned camps.

Back on plan immediately upon return and things seem to be trending down. Hopefully next Monday's weigh-in is more of the same.  Either way I am happy that my weight is leading with a "1" again.  I am still amazed at how quickly things went south with my fitness after taking my eye off the ball for such a short time.  165 here I come!  

See below for a few of my favorite photo's from our trip.  It was overcast and raining other than the first couple of hours that we arrived.  Which was a bit of a disappointment since these mountains are at roughly 5600 feet and mostly void of trees at the top offering spectacular views of Virginia.  Oh well, sometimes things just don't work out as you planned.

On On

My Crew preparing to head out for day 2.

A strange looking tree at the top of the mountain.

No camera filter required.  This is what the scene was like for bulk of our trip.

An early morning visitor to our campsite on day 2.  I had no idea their were cattle at the top and it startled me a bit at first.

A friend of mine trying to get a shot of a particularly curious foal.  Mom and Dad were nearby but had no interest in our presence.

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