Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Time to reboot!  Shortly after starting Insanity I aggravated my left shoulder again.  Perhaps to much to quick and so I hung it up for a couple of weeks to heal.  Two idle weeks and nothing to do but sit around and get fat has means my weight is up 5 pounds.  Ugh, still managed a few Mountain bike rides which probably did not help but I can't just sit still for 2 weeks.

So yesterday the weather was crap, clocks have been set back and for the first time in a long time I opted to head to the gym instead of the streets.  First thing, I am really out of practice from gym visits.  Forgot to bring my socks for running and goggles to swim.  Wore my dress socks to run and just decided to abuse my core since I could not swim.  Obliques are a little tender today but I must admit it was fun to do something a bit different.

Regarding my weight and keeping a long story short it is once again clear to me that I am just not capable of eating carbs beyond the minimum requirements needed to fuel a workout.  So last Monday I reluctantly moved back to low-carb diet.  At the time I was bummed about my lack of control with carbs and sweets but now that I am clean again I remember why I had so much success doing this before.  I feel incredible!

My diet has been pretty simple so far but for those of you who wonder what a typical day for a low-carb dieter looks like here is my menu for today.

Breakfast - 2 Whole Eggs (Microwave Scrambled), 3 thin slices of smoked ham (2 oz)
Lunch - Baked Salmon w/Butter, Steamed Peppers/Squash, Broccoli w/Cheese
Dinner - Southwestern Chicken Soup (Recipe to Come)
Snack - Dunno yet?

So now that I have rebooted I am feeling more stable and mentally prepared to get things going the right way.  Excellent timing as well with the Holiday's coming and keeping me on my toes and on plan.  Would hate for that 5 pounds to turn into 10 or more.

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