Monday, December 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle again.

Well that’s not completely true, but I am getting back after it now and it feels good. Biggest problem is trying to force myself to make those longer runs on the treadmill. Rain kept me indoors on Sunday so I went to the gym and ran on that God awful contraption for almost 1.5 hours. Ughh, it was terrible and I kept wondering how I was doing 3 hour sessions on it last year.

Did manage to get a short 45 minute swim in after. Working on getting my stroke back but I as usual I have hurt myself again. This time my left shoulder trying to play on the Monkey Bars at the park. Over extended my arms and let myself hang and swing, now my rotator is killing me. I figured out I can still swim as long as I only breath left. Seems that I can alter the rotation of my left arm enough during the breath so that I don’t have any real pain. Not a big deal since I was never that good at bi-lateral breathing anyway.

The Triathlon club I am in is in a Nationwide contest to see which club can rack up the most training mileage. December is swim focused with each mile in the pool counting as 10 miles towards the total of Swim/Bike/Run. I set a goal to complete 28 miles of actual swimming this month. So far I am just over 4, a bit ahead, which is good.

Will try to keep my blog up to date, lots going on over the next few weeks. Plus my hiatus from training also led to bad choices in food and subsequent weight gain. I am up 10 pounds from my race weight and would like to drop a total of 20 to see how that works out. Will post more on that later.

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