Friday, November 20, 2009

Inspiring Guy at the Gym

Just wanted to blog about something unusual I witnessed last week. I go to the gym for one of my normal workouts finish up an uneventful run and then head to the pool for a swim. The pool I go to has 8 lanes and typically they are always full so I will try to find someone that is of equivalent speed and swim with them.

I notice this guy in one lane that has one of those donuts around his waste and is keeping a pace likely around 6 minutes per 100. I was actually shocked at how slow he was going. So I find a different lane and get on with my workout.

After one of my build sets I pop up and remove my goggles for a cleaning and I see that same guy now getting out the pool. He hobbles slowly about half way up the steps and then sits on the edge. Turns around and grasps a prosthetic leg and puts it on. In addition, it looks like only 1 arm has full mobility.

Two things come to mind...that explains why he is so slow but also I am encouraged by this guy drive. It's amazing that this guy is mobile at all much less getting in the pool at the gym and going for a swim with only 1 leg and 1 good arm. So next time I am sitting at home and whining about being to tired tonight, sore or whatever excuse I come up with I can remind myself of this dude that is up against far greater obstacles than I am and he is there, getting it done regardless.